The biggest story of our time: Climate Change

Climate coverage needs to evolve to rise to the challenge of shaping the climate narrative.

Journalism has a massive role in providing credible, engaging and thought-provoking content to help people better understand current climate affairs while highlighting risks and rewards linked to climate action or inaction in all walks of life, from policy to business and everyday choices.

We are dedicated to expanding the climate frontier by uncovering climate stories that matter and providing readers with reliable, trustworthy, and diverse information.

Our focus is to provide credible, authentic and independent climate coverage, adopting a climate solutionist journalism approach that presents opportunities besides challenges and threats.

That means we cover climate change from all aspects, including scientific findings, predictions and potentially negative outcomes while highlighting solutions and positive possibilities in creating a low-carbon economy.

We strive to present the whole climate story with journalistic rigour in engaging formats to educate and mobilise audiences.

"Is this how our story is due to end? A tale of the smartest species doomed by that all too human characteristic of failing to see the bigger picture in pursuit of short term goals."

- David Attenborough - 

Our newsroom follows the `Covering Climate Now` global initiative`s recommendations on reporting, and we constantly keep our team and contributors in the learning zone.

The Climate Journal is empowered by the Irish social enterprise Purpose Content Studio, which is on a mission to change the climate narrative and upskill the next generation of journalists and communication professionals to get actively involved with climate communication.