Profit with Purpose Magazine

On a mission

The mission of the 'Profit with Purpose Magazine' is to use the power of communication to raise awareness, inspire action and empower innovators to create a sustainable and just economy.

This seasonal print publication is published twice a year and dedicated to leaders from the business, research and policy sectors, addressing pressing social and environmental issues. Each issue covers a central theme, such as carbon management, leadership or sustainable cities.

The magazine features easy-to-digest content related to sustainable business, social entrepreneurship, circular economy, climate innovation, sustainable development and everything at the intersection of People, Planet, and Profit.

The publication is primarily focused on European affairs and is mainly distributed across Europe.

The production is supported by the Enterprise and Economic Development Department at Dublin City Council and the Local Enterprise Office Dublin City.


Circular Economy in Action - Summer 2023

How to go beyond theory and adopt circular economy?

There is growing momentum around how to embrace circularity in business, policy and everyday life.

This special edition of the Profit with Purpose Magazine is dedicated to complement the networking and knowledge exchange experience of the Circular Economy Hotspot Dublin 2023 event.

Some highlighted topics:

Tick Citizen Engagement

 Tick Social and Circular Enterprises

 Tick Doughnut Economics

 Tick Calling for change - communicating sustainability

 Tick Bringing Circular Economy to life - The Rediscovery Centre

Why print?

The power of reading

The publication is only available in print format for a reason.

The amount of time we spend in front of the screen has increased dramatically, which is not good for our mental health. Also, we create a substantial digital carbon footprint using big files.

So we wanted to make something you can actually touch and feel and read from the comfort of your couch, on the train or sitting out in the park.

That way, you can enjoy good old-fashioned reading instead of scrolling and maybe scribbling a few notes on the pages.

Each issue is more of a book, filled with content you want to keep and look up when needed.

The production is done with every care to make it environmental friendly from start to finish, including using FSC-certified and Carbon Balanced paper for printing.


Winter 2021/22 edition

Make change happen

We know that change has to happen at scale and fast to address the pressing issues of our time, such as climate change, social inequalities, loss of biodiversity and many more.

But how do you actually make change happen? How do you deliver on the expectation of making a positive impact as a leader?

In this edition, you will find exclusive interviews with experienced changemakers and leaders, while you can explore insights about creating a sustainability mindset, see artworks from the Social Art Award 2021 and find out if sustainability can be funny, among other topics.

Highlighted content

Tick Sustainability Mindset

 Tick Inclusive Incubation

 Tick Sustainable Hedonism

 Tick Social Art Award 2021

 Tick Keeping the spark alive

 Tick Special report on the COP26 UN Climate Conference