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/May 2024/




The mission of the Profit with Purpose Magazine is to use the power of communication to raise awareness, inspire action and empower innovators to create a sustainable and just economy.

The publication is dedicated to leaders from the business, research and policy sectors, addressing pressing social and environmental issues.

The magazine features easy-to-digest content focusing on sustainable development, and each issue covers a central theme, such as carbon management, leadership, circular economy or sustainable cities.

The production is supported by the Enterprise and Economic Development Department at Dublin City Council and the Local Enterprise Office Dublin.

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Climate Innovation and Leadership

Climate innovation is mainly associated with technological innovation and digitalisation to address the pressing societal and environmental challenges. High-tech solutions undoubtedly have a place in solving climate-related issues; however, besides technology, we need people to change, which seems an even bigger challenge.

This issue shines a light on entrepreneurs adopting practical changes in everyday scenarios to lead the way towards a more sustainable and just future.

Some of the highlighted topics:


  • How can we inspire sustainable behavioural change?
  • Climate Leadership
  • How to approach systemic change to accelerate climate innovation?
  • Embracing the sharing economy with a practical innovation
  • The reuse revolution
  • The recycling myth: Is it really working?
  • Funding climate innovation
  • Reimagining milk production to make it local and circular

embracing circular economy

Understanding circularity is an essential building block in any future strategy, whether we are looking at businesses, policy or innovation.

This digital edition showcases innovators already harnessing the benefits of adopting circular economy principles while bringing forward the latest trends and challenges to turn the wheel in sustainable development.

Some of the highlighted topics:


  • Starter to circularity
  • Fifty shades of ocean plastic recycling
  • Return scheme made simple
  • Circular Innovators making strides
  • The reuse revolution
  • The recycling myth: Is it really working?
  • Celebrating social and circular enterprises
  • Navigating terms, labels and limitations

The big carbon issue

Regulations, reporting, experts, events, and even the media have placed carbon emissions in the zone where it has become inevitable for leaders to deal with the environmental impact of their organisation.

This new digital edition of the Profit with Purpose Magazine is all about carbon management and how to work towards a net zero economy.

It also aims to raise awareness leading up to COP 28, the UN Climate Change Conference, which will take place from 30 November until 12 December 2023.

Some of the highlighted topics:


  • Does carbon offsetting really work?
  • The impact of carbon labels on consumer behaviour
  • Can we get rid of carbon?
  • New buzz in offsetting - Blue Carbon
  • Five misleading assumptions about addressing carbon emissions
  • Can AI help tackle the carbon challenge?
  • Coping with Carbon: the rise of carbon anxiety

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Previous print editions

The power of reading

The publication initially had a print format, which offered a different reading experience.

So we wanted to make something you can actually touch and feel and read from the comfort of your couch, on the train or sitting out in the park.

That way, you can enjoy good old-fashioned reading instead of scrolling and maybe scribbling a few notes on the pages.

Due to Covid, we switched to a digital format, which allows us to reach a wider audience with fresh content designed to make waves.

Each print issue was more of a book, filled with content you want to keep and look up when needed.

The production was done with every care to make it environmentally friendly from start to finish, including using FSC-certified and Carbon Balanced paper for printing.