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Bringing your climate communication to life

Bridging the gap between hard science, data-based evidence, or sustainability initiatives and audiences is one of the biggest challenges organisations face.

Finding the right angle with thought-provoking content and an eye-catching format could help you speak to your audience and spark meaningful conversations.

Boost your communication with content that can drive your cause, raise awareness, educate and mobilise your audience while raising your profile!

Partnership opportunities

Climate-related content is often perceived as overwhelming, boring or ignored due to a lack of interest or reason to be connected with the topic.

Our goal is to create engaging journalistic content that features stories of genuine interest while shining a light on your work, expertise or involvement.

This is not paid editorial content but feature articles based on collaboration.

Smashing assumptions, sparking interest and getting your audience involved takes time and requires consistent communication.

With this partnership, we embark on a journey with your organisation to design and deliver the climate coverage that can propel your cause over a longer period of time.

Besides scheduled publishing, all your articles will be featured under your branded page in the Leaders of Change section of the Climate Journal site.

To move the needle in climate action, engagement must be an essential part of sustainability communication. However, it is easier to be said than done.

Thanks to our partner One Step Closer, we can create high-engagement rate content linked to an online interactive platform that will not only mobilise your audience but also provide you with valuable insights and feedback.

This solution can be used internally to get your employees involved with sustainability initiatives or externally to run campaigns and interact with stakeholders.

Newsroom services

Are you communicating about climate or sustainability topics with your community, network or employees or planning to start it? Why not leverage our extensive insights gathered by our newsroom to share the latest updates, trends and thoughts with your audience?

Whether you are preparing a newsletter or sharing news on your website, our expert journalists can supply you with a selection of news and articles to spice up your content and drive better conversations.

Full stop for greenwashing

We live in a world of dis- and misinformation, fake news and false claims, making the journalistic approach even more crucial when deciding on your climate or sustainability initiatives, policies or programs.

Quality journalism always starts with background checks, research, research, and more research.

Our team can support you by performing due diligence and benchmark research regarding your climate or sustainability commitments. This way, you can make a real difference and distance yourself from greenwashing.

buy social

Collaborating with us means you are also supporting the Buy Social movement since Climate Journal is a registered social enterprise in Ireland dedicated to changing the climate narrative and empowering the next generation of storytellers.

Our talented writers and editors are skilled professionals with immense knowledge in sustainability, climate change, social innovation, circular economy and other related areas.

Let`s work together to change the climate narrative!

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