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Future Feature Program

    The time to change the climate narrative is now!






empowering change

There is an urgency to change the climate narrative to spark interest and inspire climate action on different levels, from policy to business and everyday life.

We have overstepped almost all Planetary Boundaries and are lagging behind in reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, so we need all hands on deck to make change happen.

Communication professionals have a massive potential to shift climate conversations and shine a light on challenges and opportunities alike.

Yet, climate change is dominantly covered in the media in the context of disaster and uncertainty, while sustainability communication often drifts into the greenwashing zone and spreads misleading information – leaving people confused and depressed.

To move the needle in climate action, we need people to better understand the circumstances, potential consequences and opportunities while feeling inspired and empowered to get involved.

The Future Feature Program empowers aspiring journalists and communication professionals to learn about the climate crisis and related social issues while they gain valuable industry experience, build their portfolios, enhance career opportunities - and change the climate narrative.

Who is this for?

The program is open for journalism, PR, business communication or marketing undergraduate and postgraduate students and fresh graduates.

How to get involved?

We partner with third-level educational institutions to deliver workshops, provide an open-access online learning platform and offer hands-on internship placements.

Choose your way of getting started:

On-demand online and in-person sessions to bring the climate case to undergraduate or postgraduate classrooms.

We provide thought-provoking interactive lectures, exploring climate journalism and climate communication.

The lectures are designed according to specific courses to give students an overview of current climate media affairs with recent trends, research and case studies, besides sharing resources and further opportunities.

A unique self-paced learning experience to help gain a comprehensive understanding of climate-related issues in the context of journalism and communication with an opportunity to earn a certification.

Students can embark on a journey to explore areas such as climate reporting, climate justice, sustainable development, low-carbon economy, and major sustainability concepts and initiatives, among others.

Put your learnings into practice and boost your profile by getting involved with climate journalism and communication.

Journalist students will have the chance to get their work published and to join the Climate Journal newsroom as interns to build up their portfolio, while communication students can work on real-life projects and gather references for future work.

Shape the future together

The Future Feature Program provides a unique opportunity for aspiring journalists and communication professionals to boost their ability to drive positive change through their work.

We are always open to building alliances and expanding the range of opportunities we can provide for the students.

If you are interested in getting involved as an educational institution or industry partner or supporting our work, please get in touch with us!