Blue Economy

Blue Economy
Winter 2022/23

What innovation potential lies in our oceans and seas, and how to unlock them?

This edition explores how and why Blue Economy could be and should be the next frontier for impact innovators, investors and other stakeholders in addressing global challenges such as the climate crisis.

Blue Economy is the sustainable use of ocean and freshwater resources for economic growth, job creation and improved livelihoods while preserving marine and coastal ecosystems, according to the EU Commission.

Highlighted topics:

  • Seaweed revolution
  • Code blue for financial growth
  • Emerging ocean innovations
  • Blue Carbon
  • Ocean plastic recycling
  • Water footprint

Format: Print, A5 (148mm x 210mm)

Pages: 88

ISBN 978-1-7398870-2-5

The magazine is published in a limited series. The production is done with every care to make it environmental friendly from start to finish. We use FSC-certified paper and do not apply any coating that would make recycling tricky (shiny paper coats are practically made of plastic). To offset the emission associated with the printing, we used Carbon Balanced Paper provided by the global conservation charity World Land Trust.

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