Circular Economy in Action - SOLD OUT

Circular Economy in Action - SOLD OUT
Special edition for the Circular Economy Hotspot Dublin 2023 event - SOLD OUT

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Alongside with the piling evidence about the climate crises, there is a never seen momentum building up around circular economy aiming to turn challenges into solutions.

However, to make circularity the new reality, we need people to believe that this shift is not just doable but leads to a future worth fighting for and changing for.

The Circular Economy Hotspot Dublin 2023 event is one of the amazing opportunities to get inspired, share experiences, and celebrate innovators leading the way towards a more sustainable and circular economy.

The special edition of the Profit with Purpose Magazine is dedicated to this unique event aiming to complement its networking and knowledge exchange experience.

You read insights from over 25 contributing experts and innovators, sharing their expertise and learnings without the flair, revealing all the blood and sweat that goes into delivering small or big changes.

Change is always personal.

That`s why we decided to explore circular topics through the lenses of people working in the field, highlighting the massive potential each of us has to make waves.

Some of the topics included:

  • Next Generation on sustainability
  • Citizen engagement
  • Getting practical about Circular Economy
  • Social and Circular Enterprises
  • Calling for change - communicating sustainability
  • Doughnuts Economics
  • Rediscovery Centre - bringing Circular Economy to life

Format: Print, A5 (148mm x 210mm)

Pages: 120

ISBN 978-1-7398870-3-2

The magazine is published in a limited series. The production is done with every care to make it environmentally friendly from start to finish. We use FSC-certified paper and do not apply any coating that would make recycling tricky (shiny paper coats are practically made of plastic). To offset the emission associated with the printing, we used Carbon Balanced Paper provided by the global conservation charity World Land Trust.

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