Bundle - Profit with Purpose Magazine

Bundle - Profit with Purpose Magazine
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Have a collection of all issues of the Porift with With Purpose Magazine right from the start and build your own library.

Each edition has a central theme, covering trends, stories, and news related to that. With this bundle you will get:

  • Issue 1 - Focus: Linking Sustainable Development to the business sector - get the basics rights
  • Issue 2 - Focus: Build Back Better from the Covid pandemic - use the power of innovation to deliver positive change
  • Issue 3 - Focus: Carbon management in business - all you need to know to succeed in a low-carbon economy
  • Issue 4 - Focus: How to make change happen? - for leaders and innovators who want to deliver change with a positive impact

Format: All issues are A5 but with various numbers of pages (148mm x 210mm)

The production is done with every care to make it environmentally friendly from start to finish. We use FSC certified paper and do not apply any coating that would make recycling tricky (shiny coats on paper are practically made of plastic). We make the magazine carbon-negative by collaborating with VITA Ireland, a not-for-profit organisation that supports women and climate-smart communities in Africa.

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