City Next - Summer 2022

City Next - Summer 2022
Designing sustainable and inclusive cities

Cities are hubs for change, filled with opportunities for a better future but also with concerns about pollution, discrimination and overpopulation. With recent urbanisation trends, 6.5 billion people are expected to live in megacities by 2050.

Transforming the urban environment is like turning a big ship; it takes time and precise calculation.

How can cities make the shift to become powerhouses for sustainable development? And how can innovators change cities for the better?

This issue is dedicated to uncovering stories, trends and challenges related to making cities sustainable and inclusive.

Highlighted content:

  • Urban innovators
  • Environmental psychology
  • How to feed a city?
  • Talent on the move
  • Business accelerators transforming cities
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Urban art
  • Directory of projects, initiatives, platforms

Format: Print, A5 (148mm x 210mm)

Pages: 104

ISBN 978-1-7398870-1-8

The magazine is carbon-negative and produced in a limited series.

The production is done with every care to make it environmental friendly from start to finish. We use FSC certified paper and do not apply any coating that would make recycling tricky (shiny coats on paper are practically made of plastic). To offset the emission associated with the printing, we used Carbon Balanced Paper provided by the global conservation charity World Land Trust. The magazine is carbon-negative due to our collaboration with VITA Ireland, a not-for-profit organisation that supports African women and climate-smart communities.

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