Make Change Happen - Winter 2021/22

Make Change Happen - Winter 2021/22
Winter 2021/22 edition

Make change happen

We know that change has to happen at scale and fast to address the pressing issues of our time, such as climate change, social inequalities, loss of biodiversity and many more.

But how do you actually make change happen? How do you deliver on the expectation of making a positive impact as a business leader?

In this edition, you will find exclusive interviews with experienced changemakers and leaders, while you can explore insights about creating a sustainability mindset, see artworks from the Social Art Award 2021 and find out if sustainability can be funny, among other topics.

Plus: A Special Report on the outcomes of the COP26 UN Climate Conference.

The magazine is carbon-negative and produced in a limited series.

Format: A5 (148mm x 210mm)

Pages: 102

ISBN 978-1-7398870-0-1

The production is done with every care to make it environmental friendly from start to finish. We use FSC certified paper and do not apply any coating that would make recycling tricky (shiny coats on paper are practically made of plastic). To offset the emission associated with the printing, we used Carbon Balanced Paper provided by the global conservation charity World Land Trust. The magazine is carbon-negative due to our collaboration with VITA Ireland, a not-for-profit organisation that supports women and climate-smart communities in Africa.

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