Become a contributor to generate positive change

Become a contributor to generate positive change
May 2020
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Join the community of innovators who want to make a positive impact

The Business Spirit Platform is calling innovators who want to make a positive impact to embrace the power of communication and share learnings, inspiring stories and actionable news on this open-access online media platform.

This recently launched online platform provides an opportunity to impact-driven business leaders, researchers, policymakers to easily spot opportunities, get inspired and enjoy extra exposure to showcase their work, also to connect with other innovators or access funding. 

It was launched by the organiser team and partners of the Responsible Innovation Summit, which is an annual international conference in Dublin where leaders from academia, business, and policymaking come together to cross-pollinate ideas, learn and network. 

"Communication and collaboration are vital in shining a light on opportunities and inspire change to happen. Since we launched the Responsible Innovation Summit conference in 2017, we witnessed the power of cross-sectorial knowledge sharing and how stories could shape future collaborations.

We wanted to generate a positive change by connecting and inspiring leaders who believe that innovation should be used to achieve a just transition to a sustainable and fair future." says Szilvia SzabĂł co-founder of the Responsible Innovation Summit and Business Spirit Platform.

Szilvia SzabĂł, Co-founder, Business Spirit Platform

The mission of this online platform is to create a global community of value-driven innovators to 'make waves' together by using the power of communication.

Business Spirit Platform

The call for becoming a contributor at the Business Spirit Platform is open for researchers, social innovators and entrepreneurs, sustainability experts, responsible investor groups, funding agencies, aspiring and experienced journalists.

Contributors can submit content related to value-driven business, responsible research and innovation, sustainable finance and impact investment, circular economy, climate change, sustainable development and everything in the intersection of People, Planet, and Profit.

There are several ways to get involved from becoming a correspondent, columnist or simply share an open call, funding opportunity or a press release.

"I became a contributor because I think that there are so many people out there who are trying to do the right thing, but if we join forces, we get a better chance to make a positive impact. This platform does not only provide news but inspires and supports innovators to take action. If you want to make a difference with your work and become part of the solution, joining as a contributor could be a great step forward," says  Zoe Hertelendi, CEO of EdamameEco about what inspired her to get involved.

"I work as a sustainability expert and run my own company with a mission to make eco-friendly promotional products to be the new norm for businesses in branding. This is traditionally one of the 'dirtiest' sectors with lots of single-use plastic and unfair supply chain element. However, in my experience, this is mostly due to lack of awareness.

With more accessible information and recognition for those companies who are choosing green products, I believe we could make the shift smoother and quicker." Zoe explains why she got interested in joining the Business Spirit Platform.

Zoe Hertelendi, CEO, EdamameEco

The application to become a contributor at the Business Business Spirit platform is open at an ongoing basis. You can fill out a simple online form to receive the guidelines for submitting your work.

Some of the articles featured on this platform will be selected to be published in the biannual 'Profit with Purpose' print magazine. The deadline for submissions to get published in the 2020 Autumn/Winter edition of the magazine is 31st July 2020.