German climate activist cycles 6,000 km to reduce carbon emission and mobilise people

German climate activist cycles 6,000 km to reduce carbon emission and mobilise people
June 2021
Summer cycling tour will be visiting 200 cities in Germany over 100 days to save tonnes of carbon emission.
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The initiator of the climate activist campaign ‘The Climate Bet’, Dr. Michael Bilharz, is set out to cycle 100 days and cover 6,000 km across Germany this summer to engage people in climate protection.

The cycling tour takes place between June 23rd and October 3rd, visiting 200 cities with an emblematic cargo bike.

Organisers aim to use the element of fun to show that everyone can contribute to climate protection and save the next ton of CO2.

"When working for climate protection, a lot of frustration can accumulate.

That's why fun should not be neglected.

Sport is exhausting but also fun and healthy.

Climate protection is less exhausting than we think, extremely healthy because it safeguards life and can be fun.

The Climate Bet summer cycling tour brings it all together,“ says Michael Bilharz, leader of the campaign.

Dr. Michael Bilharz, leader of The Cimate Bet activist campaign

The campaign aims to demonstrate that citizens do not only demand global responsibility for improved climate protection but are also willing to act.

Their goal is to bring the voices of 1 million people and their 1 million tons of saved CO2 to the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow in November 2021.

Bilharz adds: "That's 1.5 per cent of the German population - it can be done, and it would be an impressive sign for climate protection.

To do this, we show what possibilities everyone has to save the next ton of CO2 quickly and effectively."

The Climate Bet is the most extensive activation and participation campaign of its type for better climate action initiated by the German association '3 fürs Klima e.V.'.

Citizens are encouraged to get involved with the summer tour by cycling alongside the Climate Bet team, participating in talks in their own city, and spreading the word about the campaign.

German cities are called to join The Climate Bet campaign to save carbon emission; Image: The Climate Bet

Organisers are also calling on all 200 cities they visit to launch their dedicated municipal Climate Bet actions.

They can mobilise their inhabitants and save tons of CO2 in their climate bet.

Cities such as Aachen, Haan, Potsdam and Backnang have already joined and started to promote climate protection actions as part of their commitment.

People can get involved in two easy ways to show their support by choosing to log their own carbon emission savings on the campaign’s website or donate the equivalent of one tonne CO2 offsetting to certified carbon projects.

The website also offers users options to learn more about how to reduce carbon emission in their everyday life in a playful way, using CO2 avatars.

"Just save the next ton of CO2 and stop resting on the sofa of all the ‘buts’. That's what the climate bet is all about,“

Dr. Michael Bilharz pointed out the importance of personal involvement.

The Climate Bet campaign was initiated by the association "3 fürs Klima", which motivates and supports people to achieve the Paris Climate Agreement target’s on an individual level today.

The members of the association commit themselves to a climate-neutral life and implement this goal with the 'Triad for the Climate': Reduce one's own carbon footprint, compensate for the rest and finally take others with them on the path to a climate-neutral society in order to increase one's personal handprint.

The patron of the campaign is Prof. Dirk Messner, President of the German Federal Environmental Agency.

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